Meet the team



Anna – Practice Administrator

Anna starting working at CCOMS in 2000 while attending Cal Poly where she received a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a double concentration in Management and Management Information Systems. She considers herself extremely fortunate to be part of CCOMS as it continues to provide excellent patient care and simultaneously encourages the team to better ourselves and our environment each day. Anna performs consulting work with dental practices on the central coast for HR and business management. She and Kaylin have also created a Dental Office Manager’s group that allows managers to discuss new & current laws, best practices and many other HR items.  Anna enjoys hiking with her husband and daughter around our beautiful central coast, planning travel around where to eat next, photography and a good book on audible.

Kaylin, RN – Clinical Director

Kaylin is our Clinical Manager at CCOMS and joined our team in 2011. As a Registered Nurse, Kaylin leads our clinical team and is constantly looking to improve patient care, further develop continuing education programs for our staff, and expand the resources we can offer to our partners in the dental community through our CCOMS Continuing Education platform. Kaylin is driven by the desire to continuously create and improve an atmosphere that promotes excellent care for our patients and expands the education of our staff. Outside of CCOMS and school Kaylin enjoys our beautiful beaches and hiking trails. She can be found out on the weekend enjoying the scenery with her husband and 3 dogs.
                                                                                                 Aileen – Clinical Assistant

Aissa – Clinical Assistant

Cassie – Administrative Assistant

Yvonne – Business Assistant


Allie – Clinical Assistant


                 Cori – Administrative Assistant

Zoe- Executive Assistant 
Tasha – Clinical Assistant 



 Karen – Clinical Assistant

Sarah – Clinical Assistant


                Danielle – Administrative Assistant

Becky – Clinical Assistant

Taylor- Clinical Assistant 

Kaitlin- Clinical Assistant 

Emily-Clinical Assistant 

Lauryn- Clinical Assistant 

Not pictured: 

 Larissa – Clinical Assistant 
Caitlin – Clinical Assistant

Alex – Administrative Assistant
Morgan- Clinical Assistant 
Allison – Clinical Assistant