Impacted Canines in San Luis Obispo & Paso RObles 

Trust CCOMS for your dental care, especially for impacted canines. When a tooth is impacted, it means it’s stuck and unable to come through properly. This often happens with wisdom teeth, causing infections and other issues. Similarly, upper canines can become impacted, affecting your bite and dental health.

Early detection is crucial for successful treatment. Around age seven, it’s recommended to have a dental exam and X-ray to check for any issues with adult teeth eruption. Treatment may involve braces or extraction of problematic teeth.

If an eyetooth doesn’t erupt naturally, a combined effort of an orthodontist and oral surgeon is needed. Surgery is performed to expose the impacted tooth and attach a bracket with a chain for gradual movement. After surgery, pain and swelling are manageable with medication, and a soft diet is recommended. Follow-up visits ensure proper healing and dental care.

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